Best Video Editing Software

Best Video Editing Software

With the advent of video technology, the world has seen a paradigm shift in the way people express each other or the way they share expressions, knowledge or ideas. Today an increasing number of people record and share blogs and an increasing number of companies and industries create videos to promote their products or their business in general.

With the increasingly better quality of hardware employed to create videos every day, the requirement and demand for equally competent editing software have also gone up. Today the market has grown to offer a huge variety of very powerful video editing software, for everyone, from beginners to professionals and designers. So, in answering your question to, “Which are the best video editing software?”, we have compiled a list of options which you might find very helpful in your quest of creating and editing videos with the utmost most creative freedom.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

It is not possible to make a guide about video editing software without including this software from Adobe. It is a one-stop-solution for all video editing endeavours that you might have and the biggest name in the industry, used by multitudes of creative professionals. It includes incredibly powerful features and tools to make your video look and sound great while at the same time allowing you to make unlimited customizations to your project. It can handle an uncapped number of video tracks which can be imported from any source and its automatic sync feature is a boon when it comes to editing multi-angle shots. It is, however, subscription-based which requires an Adobe Creative Cloud account and a substantial monthly fee to keep the software active.

  1. CyberLink PowerDirector

Even though PowerDirector is a consumer product, it features a wide variety of functions which are fun and support advanced video editing, wrapped in an easy to use and intuitive package. Its interface is easy to use and understand and its support for 1:1 aspect ratio for social media application sharing is also a great plus to have. Other great included features include motion tracking, Multicam editing, 3D editing and support for 360° VR content. It can also handle 4K XAVC-S format and can export to H. 265 (HEVC). However, it must be noted that features like 4K video editing, audio scrubbing and library preview are only available for ultimate versions.

  1. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is undoubtedly the best video editing software if you happen to be on a Mac. It is extremely versatile, flexible and very easy to use. It also includes a wide range of very powerful features that appeal to both consumers and professionals. It is, in fact, one of the most used video editing software by professionals and prosumers and includes all the must-have features such as Multicam Editing, support for 360° VR content, keyword tag media, 4k XAVC-S format and H.265 (HEVC) for exports and more.

  1. Adobe Premiere Elements 2020

It is easily the best video editing software that you can get for about 5000 INR, works on both PC and Mac and includes a wide array of incredible features such as AI-augmented video editing through Adobe’s, support for 4k resolutions and stabilized videos, dynamic time-lapse video creation, facial recognition and much more. Its Guide Edits feature remains a boon for amateur filmmakers who no longer have to deal with the tiniest of parameters to get a great looking video. However, it is important to note that this software doesn’t yet have support for 360° VR Content or Multicam.

  1. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

If you are a beginner looking to dabble into a bit of video editing then the Corel VideoStudio is a great place for you to start. It is, however, exclusive to the Windows platform. It is easy to learn and very powerful in its own right for anyone who is looking to edit videos quickly and without a lot of fuss or complex customizations. Its interface is clutter-free and packs all of the must-have features such as advanced correction tools, 3D text editing, motion tracking, Multicam editing and support for 360° VR content. It also supports editing in the 4K XAVC-S format and exports in H.265 (HEVC).



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