Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India

Virtual Reality is being touted as the next big thing in the gaming ecosystem.  Recently, we have witnessed its shift from gaming to other sectors like Healthcare, Engineering and Education. Currently, there are multiple headsets in the market to view VR content. Here are some of the Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India under 5000 that you can buy to view VR content.

Procus VR

Procus VR from Procus is an entry-level VR headset that comes with a FOV 90-100 degree which is greater than what higher-end devices like Microsoft Hololens provide. One of the best features of this device is that people with glasses can easily wear PROCUS VR and view the content. With a built-in, IPD – Interpupillary distance adjustment feature and adjustable screen distance, you will make the most out of your headset. The headset is compatible with 4.7” to 6” smartphones.

Irusu Play VR

Irusu Play VR Headset comes with fully adjustable lenses and multi-functional buttons that elevate your viewing experience. With a user-friendly design, it provides an ultimate cinematic experience to the viewers. The lenses are made of resin, which is light, flexible and tough. With adjustable pupil distance button, viewers can adjust the experience as per their pupillary distance.


VR Shinecon G10 comes with Pupil Distance, and Object Distance Adjustable. It provides a FOV of 70 – 90 Degree. What makes Shinecon a good buy is an adsorption cooling panel, which doesn’t heat up the device as it disperses the heat outwards. A lot of VR companies have been working towards building good quality lenses. Shinecon provides Blu-ray resistance technology which protects your eyes from harmful rays which we experience while watching content on laptop or television.

Aura VR

Aura VR Pro headset is inspired by Google Cardboard. With a high-quality plastic body, the Aura VR headset feels light and durable. Just like any other VR headsets in the market, Aura VR comes with a multi-functional button like pupillary and focal adjustments. It comes with a gaming controller, that allows you to play games with ease. Aura VR provides a FOV of 100-110 which enhances your viewing experience.


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