Coronavirus in China : An Unfortunate Spread Of Pandemic Or A Deadly Bio-Weapon?

    Coronavirus in India

    The biggest challenge that the whole world is currently facing is the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Started just like the common flu which is considered very normal throughout the world, this deadly virus now is the cause of deaths of thousands of people across the globe. Believed to be originated from the sea-food market in Wuhan city of Hubei province of China, it is now affecting a total of 203 countries. But the question is how did the Coronavirus in China spread? Was is it just an unfortunate spread of this virus or some well-planned conspiracy of bio-terrorism?

    According to the experts, this coronavirus is present in bats. Bats contain a set of filoviruses which can cause SARS, MERS and many other viral diseases. So, the chain of explanation provided is that the bat was consumed by the snake and later snake was consumed by humans and that is how the spread took place.

    This can only be considered as one side of the explanation as many war experts claim it to be a deadly bio-weapon that is designed to destroy china’s arch-nemesis America. Even America’s President Mr. Donald Trump has raised questions towards the spread of coronavirus from china as a part of a conspiracy. Several times Mr. Trump has called the virus as “Chinese virus”. While China has called all these theories as baseless, its actions on the course of pandemic spread talk the opposite.

    The first case dates back to Nov. 17, 2019, according to the South Morning China Post. A Chinese doctor Dr. Li Wenliang informed and tried to aware people of the genesis of a new virus. And the screenshot of his message traveled all across the world, to the great displeasure of the Chinese communist government. Later Dr. Li was forced to sign a letter of apology that stated that he had spread false news and the same would never happen again. In the first week of February, news came that Dr. Li died of the coronavirus and was admitted in the later week of January. Many people who oppose the communist government in China have claimed that Dr. Li was punished by the government for the defamation caused by his whistle-blowing.

    China reported to WHO about coronavirus cases in the country on the 31st of December, 2019. Knowing that the virus is highly contagious and can be carried by humans, still, china claimed repeatedly that human to human contact of this virus is not possible and that countries should not stop the travel to foreign nations. While some countries like India started screening on airports and evacuating its citizens, many countries took this pandemic in a much lighter way. The result is the worldwide spread of this coronavirus.

    While life in Wuhan city is coming back on track slowly, some countries suffering much worse than China. Consider Italy, it is one of the closest alliances of China. So, when the world was blaming china Italy launched a campaign hug a Chinese in response to China’s emotional campaign “I am not the virus”. Now Italy has seen many more deaths than china did. It may be true compassion or under the stress of China. But now the whole world looks at Italy with sympathy and mutely watches it in pain.

    Although china sent doctors to many China sent help to many nations. Countries like America see this as a stunt to display compassion towards other nations. Many countries who bought testing kits from china namely Spain and Czech complained that only 30% of those kits are working, others are useless. China is continuously claiming on the other hand that its products are of great quality and this is just a bad coincidence. But is it so? That remains the question.

    The Beijing and Shanghai connection

    While the world is flaring up with the deaths of thousands of peoples, Beijing and shanghai the two prime cities of the same country China is more or less not affected by the pandemic at all. These two mega-cities are not very far from the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic, Wuhan. This is something that has drawn the attention of the whole world. In its defense, China has cited that the lock-down in Wuhan has been effective in protection. But many specialists do not believe in China’s explanation

    The lawsuit filed against China

     A lawsuit has been filed in the US against China seeking compensation which is more than the gross domestic product (GDP) of China. The petitioners seek $20 trillion from China accusing it of releasing a bio-weapon in the form of novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2. The US is now the worst affected countries by novel coronavirus pandemic.

    The theory that COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, is a conspiracy that has been gaining in the currency for over two months. It emerged on social media and some prominent persons fueled it by giving their voice. Influential US Senator Tom Cotton in a TV interview is one of them.

    China playing the victim card

    There is no disbelief that Chinese people have suffered a lot from the COVID-19 incident. Most of them are still suffering. But due to the Chinese government’s action-reaction, it is tough to believe whatever it has to offer. While China is on the way of recovery, some records say that more than 80,000 people who are out of major calling lists. This increases the suspicion that China is downsizing the actual number of patients and the number of deceased.

    A boom for Economy?

    While the world economy is leaning towards recession, it looks like china’s economy will move towards a great boom. The reason being china is supplying masks, sanitizers, and ventilators along with the COVID-19 testing kits in huge numbers and the surge of demand is continued. Since most of the countries are under lockdown, factories are shut and this provides a big chance to china to earn great profits and we can say that China is milking this opportunity quite well. On the other hand, America which calls itself a superpower has the greatest number of patients in the whole world. According to the world bank, America’s economy will suffer a great deal from this pandemic. Sadly, there is no cure or vaccine to date which can cure this disease.

    Even after suffering a lot from this pandemic. China has again opened Wuhan city’s seafood market which was claimed as the epicenter of the coronavirus disease. This again has raised eyebrows because it has only been a few weeks when the country has started recovering from the pandemic.

    No one knows for sure whether it was just an unfortunate spread of the virus or well-planned bio-weapon release which can be the source of heavy destruction for the whole world. be it economically or socially. But all the incidents throw a negative light on China’s demeanor towards all this situation. Once the world moves ahead of this pandemic, we might forget and our lives become normal again. But what we must not forget is that nothing comes across humanity. It shall always be the priority, in all good times and the worst too.



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