How to create a drop down list in excel? Simple Steps


How to create a drop down list in excel is the most asked question by people who keep their database in an excel sheet. The drop-down list in an excel sheet helps us to navigate through different items/values and select one of them without having to add it in the sheet manually across different cells. 

How to create a drop down list in excel? Step by Step

It’s definitely not difficult to add a drop-down summary to a cell in an excel, yet the technique isn’t regular. Drop-down records are made using the Data Validation feature. We will make a drop-down list with the name of animals and make sure that you understand the process step by step.

  • To begin, enter the name of the animals consecutively in one cell. Here we have entered the names of the animals in the drop-down, which can be understood from the figure. In the same manner, you can add your desired data in the cells. For example, cell numbers 3 to 9 contain the names of various animals.

How to create a drop down in excel

  •  Drag the cell from Cat to Parrot and type it ‘Animals’ in the Name Box section

How to create a drop down in excel

  • Now, select the cell into which you have to add a drop-down list (we have selected ‘Cat’) and click on the “Data” tab next to the Formulas.

  • The Data Validation dialogue box will now appear. On the Settings tab, select “List” from the allow drop-down list. In the Data Tools section of the Data tab, click the “Data Validation” button.

How to create a drop down in excel

  • Now, we’re going to use the name we assigned to the range of cells containing the options for our drop-down list. Enter =Animals in the “Source” box (if you named your cell range something else, replace “Animals” with that name).The “Ignore blank” checkbox is checked by default. Make sure the “In-cell dropdown” box is checked.

  • You can add a popup message that shows when the cell containing the drop-down overview is picked. To do this, click the “Information Message” tab on the Data Validation dialogue box. Make sure the “Show input message when the cell is selected” box is checked. Enter a Title and an Input message and a short time later click the “ok” button.

  • When the cell containing the drop-down list is selected, you’ll see a down arrow button to the right of the cell. If you added an input message, it displays below the cell. The down arrow button will only showcase when the cell is selected.


  • Click the down arrow button to drop down the list of options and choose your choice.


  • If you decide to remove the drop-down summary from the cell, open the Data Validation trade box as portrayed previously and snap the “Clear All” button, which is available no matter which tab is selected on the dialogue box. The choices on the Data Validation trade box are reset to their defaults. Click “ok” to clear the drop-down and restore the cell to its default structure.

If you follow these steps, you can very easily create drop-down in excel. There are many other ways in which you can perform this task, but this way remains the simplest.



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