How to Download Google Play Store for PC

Download Google Play Store For PC

Mobile applications can be considered the biggest technological support, in the modern-day world. From utility apps to entertainment ones, life would be so incomplete without them. But wouldn’t it be great to have those apps on your PC? In this blog, we will be talking about ways to download google play store for PC free.

Computers use different kinds of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux or macOS, that allow running all its functions. Unfortunately, these operating systems do not allow us to use Play Store the same way we do with an android device. That’s why we need to find ways, in order to access play stores on personal computers without much of a hassle. Since this is a mass issue, we will discuss the simplest way to achieve the goal. Also, we will provide you with all the necessary instructions to install the biggest and most popular app store in the world on your computer.


Google’s digital store provides us with millions of applications, and getting them on your computer means direct access to all the apps, with utmost ease which only a computer can provide.

To download Google Play Store for PC you need to follow a different steps from that of any android device. The software of a smartphone is totally different from the operating system used by computers. To download Google Play Store for PC, you install emulators that can basically help the computer function like your smartphone.

  • First step: Install an emulator

    You can find different android emulators on the Internet which can be used to free install Google Play Store for PC. The most popular ones are BlueStacks and Andyroid. These work in such a way that the computer functions like an android phone. Both emulators are safe, free and easy to use and they extend the number of functions a computer may develop. Among them is the Android operating system simulation on the computer. After selecting the emulator you prefer, download and install it on your computer. The initiation process is very simple.

Download Google Play Store for PC
Download Bluestacks apk
  • Second step: Open the emulator

    After installing the emulator, open the icon on the desktop of your PC and access it to run all the functions of a smartphone on your computer. The user interface will seem very much like your phone. There, you will have all the options to run google’s mobile applications, including Google Play Store.

Download the Google Play Store for PC
Open the extension file and you will see this.
Download the Google Play Store
  • Third step: run Play Store on your PC

    The last step is to access Play Store on your PC, the initiation process is the same as the one that runs on a phone, you have to enter the email and all your information to access all the applications that the store provides you.

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  • As you realize, downloading Play Store on your PC is really easy, just choose an emulator, install it on your computer and run all its functions, such as you would do on a smartphone.

Advantages of Downloading Goole PlayStore on PC

Using  Play Store on your PC will provide you with enormous benefits, such as:

  • Increase the versatility of your computer

Even if it seems quite unnecessary,  installing Google Play Store on a PC could be good for us. This may be the perfect option if you don’t have a smartphone or you prefer working with a PC, or you just want to uplift the functionality of your computer. This way, you can wangle to all the digital store applications.

  • Use two variegated OS on your PC

As you have to use an android emulator, an important wholesomeness is that it allows you to have two variegated operating systems on a single computer. By installing any of the emulators, you can perform the functions of an android device with your computer without replacing the original software of the device.

  • Access to millions of applications

Although we mentioned it in the last point, this is the most important feature you can get by downloading the play store on the computer. Thanks to this store, you can wangle all your applications and download the programs you prefer, no matter if you use them in your leisure time, such as games, ebooks, songs and videos, or you need them for increasingly practical use, for example, online financial or a translator. Everything can be washed-up from your computer.

It’s easy! Having the possibility of using self-ruling or paid applications on your computer allows you to expand the range of functions of the device.

Is it legal to download Google Play Store for PC?

The common question of all times is if it’s legal to download the google play store for PC. This is one of the most worldwide questions among users, but do not worry, this procedure is legal and unscratched for you, your device and your data. So you have no legal reason to worry well-nigh installing Google Play Store for self-ruling for PC.

It is advisable, when using Play Store through emulators, to update Play Store just as if you did it in a mobile phone, it will help not only to the security of the PC but moreover to goody from the updates that Android will bring out.


Play Store provides a variety of applications that could lend a hand for use on your computer.  You don’t need to be an expert or rent a professional hacker to install it. Downloading it is an easy and cost-less process, moreover, you can count on infinite benefits that will increase the range of whoopee of your PC. Both emulators and Play Store for your PC are legal and unscratched programs for your device and they provide you with the same benefits of a smartphone but on your computer.





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