PS5 Release Date, Price, Tech Specs and News


PS5 Release Date, Price and Tech Specs

From the original PlayStation introduced back in 1994, Sony has come a long way in terms of technology incorporated in the consoles as well as the arsenal of games it can run. There is no doubt that the release of the PlayStation 4 in 2013 was one of the biggest events in PlayStation history. While Microsoft’s Xbox faced a poor reception at best, Sony on the other hand by simply allowing pre-owned games, kept up its dominance in the console gaming market. With the approach of the release date we, the consumers, are sure to have a lot of questions in our minds. Such questions might include: PS5 Release Date? What will be its specifications? What GPU will it run? What will be its price? and so on. In this article, we shall be glancing over each of these questions and more, starting with the most important one i.e. when will it be released and how much will it cost?

PS5 Release Date and Cost:

After many rumours, Sony has officially confirmed that the PS5 release date is during Holiday 2020, or between October and December 2020. Incidentally, the Xbox series X will also be released around the same time and it would hence seem that there would be quite a hard-fought battle between the two on their respective release dates.

It is more than likely that Sony will keep the cost of the new consoles under wraps until its release date during Holiday 2020 but by extrapolating the cost that the previous consoles had released with, it would be a little more than an educated guess that the PlayStation 5 will cost around $499 or 35,690 INR on launch date. However, with the US-China trade war in full swing, both Microsoft and Sony have warned of higher prices on their products, caused due to higher manufacturing costs incurred.

Tech specs:

There haven’t been many confirmed reports from Sony regarding the technology that the PlayStation 5 will be shipping with, but here is what we do know.

The PlayStation 5 will ship with an AMD 8 core Ryzen 3rd generation CPU and a custom Navi GPU which will be supporting Ray tracing. Ray tracing is a specialized hardware-accelerated mechanism of processing lighting data in games that has the potential to supply an even more immersive experience to the gamer.

The bespoke SSD will be another talking point for the PlayStation 5 as developers could potentially reduce install size of games as data would not need to be duplicated to compensate for the slow data speeds of traditional optical drives and hard drives. This will also give the gamers more flexibility when it comes to installing and removing games as one can simply install or remove a certain part of the game instead of doing the same for the entire game. So, a player can choose to uninstall the multiplayer mode while retaining the single-player mode of the game and vice versa. All of this along with a very significant reduction in-game load times, owing to the PlayStation’s shift away from disk storage mediums to SSDs.

Sony will also be incorporating a new audio engine that will deliver more immersive sound in games, particularly when using headphones. Though the details for the same remain unclear, we can speculate on the lines of something like a Dolby Atmos setup.

PlayStation 5 is also set to incorporate cloud gaming on a grand scale with PlayStation Now and the Remote Play feature. Sony has also confirmed that it will be using the 5G technology, going forward, to further boost the cloud gaming performance of the PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5 will also be backward compatible with older versions of the PlayStation but to what extent, hasn’t officially been represented. Rumours, however, speculate that the PlayStation 5 might even be compatible with the PlayStation 3, 2 and the original PlayStation.

PlayStation 5 Design

There have been many leaks and renders of a plausible PlayStation 5 design though nothing has been confirmed by Sony yet. Most of such leaks have pointed to a few notable features. Such features include the overly speculated v-shaped cavity and excessive amounts of ventilation, 5 USB ports with one USB 2.0 and possibly 5 USB 3.0 and a USB type B port while the small circle above could be for the inbuilt camera.

There also appears to be rubber feet on the top side of the console which might suggest that the developers have the option to either flip the console for more rigorous stress testing or to stack the devices on top of each other. However, it should be noted that there is still a year for Sony to change this design to look a little less alien.

PlayStation controller design

With the discontinuation of the light bar and the incorporation of an inbuilt mic, the PlayStation is set to introduce two new key features in its controller design. With the basic design mostly left unchanged, the controller for the PlayStation 5 is further going to feature

Haptic Feedback which will be replacing the rumble tech in the old controllers, more akin to an iPhone. This is because haptics gives a broader range of feedback so things like crashing into the wall do not feel the same as firing a heavy weapon.

Adaptive Triggers will be introduced to accurately represent what a person is doing in the game, for example, one will be able to feel the tension of drawing a bow much better with this technology. This is aimed to further bolster the immersive experience of the game.

VR compatibility

Comments from Mark Cerny does point towards a big VR push from Sony with the PlayStation 5. Given that PlayStation VR is not as high in the resolution it offers, as compared to other competitors such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, it would henceforth be a sensible choice for Sony to launch a suitably powerful next-generation headset with the new console and all evidence yet points towards that direction.

Expected games

We can expect plenty of announcements from game developers and Sony about the PS5 launch titles, going into 2020, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. CD Projekt Red, however, the developer behind the popular Witcher series, did drop a very convincing hint that their next big title, Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be made with the PlayStation 5 in mind. Other than that, any other titles, for now, are a little more than educated speculation. However, the feudal Japan adventure game Ghost of Tsushima has been leaked to be a PS5 exclusive. Other rumours include The Last of Us: Part 2, Starfield and Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls 6.


Sony is a company that has had 25 years of experience building the PlayStation console and its brand value. It has also spent a large amount of capital and time in building strong relationships with game developers and purchasing highly capable game studios. It henceforth, stands to reason that just like the previous PlayStation launches, PlayStation 5 will also be a very capable device but with a host of new key features such as VR optimization, a very strong hardware suite, great backward compatibility, support for 8k video playback for home TV enthusiasts and many more yet to be announced. All of this combined makes the PlayStation 5 a sure purchase as and when it does finally launch, during holiday 2020.



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