What is a good Internet speed?

What is a good internet speed

All of us, at least once in our own lives, have complained about poor internet performance. What is internet speed, though, and what makes an internet speed either good or bad? We’ll clear all of the questions in this blog.

What’s the speed of the internet? 

Internet usage is to be determined by the amount of information accessed (download usage) or uploaded (upload rate) per second. Have a look here: download rate is the level at which transmission of data occurs from the world wide web to the machine of the user. The upload rate is the rate at which the data transmission occurs. Cable companies place the default option setting to download quicker than upload. The rationale behind that is that most people need to download info. It provides the consumer with the capability to download pictures, songs, and also a high number of files quickly. Some companies do need a quick upload rate, but there are only a few people from the general public who require fast uploads. Usually, information uploaded is moving to a particular website, not into the overall web or to multiple sites. In such situations, it’s often a rare endeavor to carry out. The upload and download speeds are precisely the same, after being optically examined, but there is a different configuration for upload rate.

How do I calculate the internet speed? 

The data link limit calculation generally occurs in megabits per second or Mbps. Simply put, ‘bits’ are tiny data units; thus, a megabit is a million data units.

The higher the number of Mbps (megabits per second) you might have, the faster your online rate ought to be:

  • The optimum speed at which information can be obtained within an internet connection is known as the downstream bandwidth. The highest frequency at which data referral occurs is known as the upstream bandwidth.
  • The bandwidth downstream is marginally higher than the upstream as most users download more data than they upload. It is the bandwidth you calculate when you link to the internet.

So, ultimately what net speed is suitable for you?

A speed of just 1 Mbps is enough for you in case you use the net for general web browsing, social media link, and streaming compressed music like MP3 sound and emailing. If you happen to wish to stream content, 2 Mbps is suitable for streaming SD quality video and music, 3 Mbps is excellent for standard high-quality videos. In comparison, 5 Mbps is perfect for streaming high-definition videos. For people who prefer full HD video and sound streaming, 10 Mbps internet connection is sufficient.

High-end dual router: if you intend to use your internet for heavy downloads, it is going to consume a lot of bandwidth, and you’ll need to sign up for a bundle of over 50 Mbps. Some people prefer to download big files at night because the overall network demand is quite less, and the internet speed could be faster than the rate you generally get.

Now a lot of You might have this doubt that why is the net rate slow nowadays, during quarantine?

Okay, so this could be because of the heavy traffic. You see, most of our urban population is spending days in the home working with the internet virtually all day. Just think about the load net providers face, since so many men and women are utilizing the internet all the time. Hence the internet speed might be slower to protect the system from any damage.

Now we hope that there will be no doubt about internet speed and what rate is perfect for you. Ideally speaking, if you are getting around 25 Mbps of internet velocity, do consider yourself lucky!


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