What is Data Science? Beginners Guide

    What is Data Science

    In this pandemic hit world, the use of the internet has grown many folds. While the internet continues to be our lifeline, what we all miss is generally the high transfer, usage, and movement of data. How do you think that data gets managed, or in simple words stored for further use? In this blog, we will touch all aspects of Data Science.

    What is Data Science?

    Data Science makes up two words: Data And Science. The science or study of data can get crudely termed as Data Science. It is the tool to understand the trend of the data as to what patterns are there in the set of hidden data. This process utilizes mathematical tools, statistical principles, and a set of algorithms for understanding and concluding the collection of raw data.

    Let’s understand with an example:

    “ Company X is getting frequent complaints about a phone model because of its malfunctioning. There are millions of phones already out in the market, and there is a need for assessment so that there can be a conclusion drawn. Here data science comes into play”.

    A flow diagram helps you in better understanding:

    What is Data Science

    So, if we have to make a list of functions, data science can be deployed for:

    Strategic marketing:

    When a company targets the audience, they need to have a data set of audience views so that proper analysis can get performed. The target can get accomplished using data science, where a considerable number of data is studied and analyzed, and the conclusion gets drawn.

    Best customer interaction and support:

    Suppose you call up a pizza delivery outlet, the first thing they always ask you, is your phone number. That is because your phone number is used as an anchor to deduce data of your previous orders or preferences. This success is data science’s magic.

    Steps needed in Data Science Processes

    Following are the actions involved in Data Science processes:

    • Gathering Data

    Retrieval and extraction of data is the measure in the data science procedure. A Data Scientist should be able to manage all kinds of information like unstructured and structured data. What’s more, is the knowledge of database questions like No SQL and SQL.

    • Data Pre-Processing

    Data Transformation is the next step from the data science process. In this procedure, the raw data is utilized to become a structured and efficient format. This transformation is the most critical measure as it makes it helpful for additional analysis and organizes the information.

    • Data Analysis

    The two most important data analysis techniques are descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Using them, we can understand and draw insights.

    • Generating Predictions

    Another step, we create predictions using machine learning algorithms. For this, we make use of many predictors along with classifiers. We use broad arrays of machine learning algorithms to develop forecasts and perform classifications on the data. We catch patterns that are hidden within the information and forecast future events.

    • Optimizing Models

    In the last step, we optimize the machine learning algorithm and also enhance its performance through experimentation. Optimization permits the Machine learning model to give us accuracy and to improve its performance results.

    Data Science and other Innovative Branches

    • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

    Data Science is an extensive procedure including pre-handling, investigation, representation, and forecast. Then again, computer-based intelligence executes a prescient model to anticipate future occasions. Data Science comprises of an assortment of factual methods, while artificial intelligence utilizes PC calculations. Data Science is a field that utilizes AI to produce expectations, yet also centres around changing data for examination and perception. Consequently, by the day’s end, we infer that while Data Science is an occupation of performing data investigation, Artificial Intelligence is an apparatus for making better items and furnishing them with independence.

    • Data Science and Machine Learning

    The key concept of this part is that machine learning can be understood as a part of the data. It forms results based on data and algorithms, also to note that data gets generated from a varied bunch of resources. Generally, the information is so vast that it is next to impossible for a data scientist to assemble and work with it. This work is given to machine learning. Machine learning is such a wonder that no human intervention is needed to handle enormous quantities of information. This feat can only be achieved with the wise usage of supervised learning, reinforcement learning, regression, and other tools and ever wondered how you get recommendations in Flipkart, Amazon, after shopping one time? That’s the miracle of Data Science and Machine Learning for you!

    • Data Science and IOT

    Data Science for IoT can help in solving a lot of issues in the world. It can help create increasingly exact choices, which means more brilliant answers for shoppers around the globe. IoT connects the most common appliances with the internet to serve you better. Just imagine how great it would be if your T.V knew your preferences such as which show you watch at which time slot? Well if data science is on board along with IoT, this certainly is possible. With all pros come some con, IoT using data science can sometimes be like an open lock for robbery, but with advanced measures, protection can be ensured and human-machine interaction can be made safer and more productive.

    What are the applications?

    Companies nowadays haven’t only become smart; they’re also quite open with the utilization of technology; this has made them accessible and user-friendly. Here’s how they’re ruling our minds and hearts:

    Internet Search

    If I ask you now to look for something using the web, what comes in your head? Google, right? But if the reality shall get told, then there are many search engines. Examples include Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, Duckduckgo, etc. These search engines, including Google, employ data science algorithms to supply you with search results in a second. Since Google processes over 20 petabytes of knowledge daily, it’ll not be wrong to mention that if not for data science, there wouldn’t be the google we cherish such a lot today.

    Digital Advertisements (Targeted Advertising and Re-targeting)

    If you thought internet search is the most extensive application of knowledge science and machine learning, here’s a challenger, which is that of the digital advertisement field. Most of them are determined using data science algorithms from the screen poppers on various websites to the electronic billboards which you meet and greet at public places.

    Hence, this is often the rationale of why digital advertisements are during a position to receive an entire lot higher CTR than conventional ads. They will get targeted, consistent with the user’s past behaviour. That’s the rationale you observe an identical advertisement to your friend who lives within the same area. Who can forget the proposals about related products on Amazon? They not just help you in finding pertinent items from billions of products accessible with them yet, in addition, add a magnificent arrangement to the purchaser experience.

    A decent arrangement of organizations has fervidly used this motor/framework to advance their items/proposals in concurrence with the buyer’s consideration and importance of information. Online goliaths like Amazon, Twitter, Google Play, Netflix, LinkedIn, IMDb, and much more use it to upgrade client experience. The proposals are made dependent on past query items to get a person.

    Image Recognition

    You post your image with companions on Facebook, and you start getting suggestions to name your companions. This programmed mark proposition includes utilizes a facial recognition calculation. Likewise, while utilizing the WhatsApp web, you filter a standardized tag on your web program and your phone. Additionally, Google supplies you with the decision to search for pictures by transferring them. It utilizes picture recognition and gives related list items.

    Speech Recognition

    Some of the most outstanding instances of speech recognition entities are Google Voice, Siri, Cortana, and so on. Even if you aren’t in a position to type a message, your life won’t stop with a speech recognition feature. Speak out the word, and it’s going to get converted into text. However, at times, you’d understand, speech recognition does not perform correctly.

    These days when the world is moving toward industry 4.0, data science is its backbone. Coming days will witness a massive surge in demand of data scientists, and heavy deployment of data science will be more visible.


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