Working from home? Here are some tools which can help increase your productivity and manage work

    Work from home

    While COVID 19 or coronavirus spreads across the globe and is growing in India, the best thing that most of us can do is self-quarantine. With authorities and Governments urging people to practice social distancing, a lot of offices have closed so that people can work from home. Even schools, colleges and universities have shut off to prevent the spread of the virus. 

    It is no secret that we live in a non-stop work economy and this economy has enabled us with tools and software which help us work all the time. If your business/office is now managing a full-time work from home especially for the first time, here are a few tech tools which will help your team stay connected. While you may already be using a lot of these tools they may take on a new feature in view of the current situation. 


    Chat and messaging software like Slack allow seamless communication between individual team members, departments and the entire company. Different ‘channels’ on Slack allow team members to discuss work project-wise, brainstorm ideas and stay connected to each other all the time. A lot of companies across the world are already using Slack but it’ll be a good practice to encourage the employees to put in extra effort and extra attention to the messages right now.

    Video Chats/Conferencing

    Video meetings become an essential part as people can virtually see each other and replicate the benefits of face to face meetings. It becomes like an actual office meeting. Software like Google Hangouts and Zoom enable us to record the conversation, live chat, screen share and other features which lead to a better understanding.  Recently, Google and Microsoft have extended access to their more robust teleconferencing and collaboration tools that are typically only available to enterprise customers to make it easier for people to work from home. Both companies are only offering free access for a limited time.

    Project management

    Keeping the work on different projects on track and maintaining everyone’s regular workflows becomes essential when you’re all working remotely. To handle this, a robust and strong project management tool is required. If your company is not using tools like Airtable, Basecamp, Proofhub, now is the time to set it up. They are easy to use tools where tasks are assigned per project and status can be updated real-time. 

    Cloud storage

    One of the other big challenges of working from home is the lack of access to your company’s internal servers. This is why cloud storage applications like Dropbox and Google Drive can come in handy. By keeping your important files in the cloud system, you ensure that you and your team have uninterrupted access to important documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos and more. Plus, it’s easier to collaborate in real-time and avoid sending edited versions of documents back and forth.


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